A Case for Buying Less

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We live in a world where consumption and happiness are linked. It is through consuming products that we are told we will achieve happiness. This is something that has been drilled into us from a young age, but with the impending climate crisis, it is an attitude we simply cannot afford to have anymore.

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12 Alternatives to Fast Fashion

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In my last post, which you can read here. I shared 25 reasons why you should avoid fast fashion. But I thought it was really important to talk about the actual ways in which you can do this, as fast fashion is often presented as the only option available to us. In reality, there are plenty of alternatives which means most of us have the ability to largely avoid fast fashion. Keep reading to find out my 12 alternatives!

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Audits: A Cover Up for Fast Fashion

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When first becoming interested in ethical fashion, after watching The True Cost (an absolute must watch if you haven’t already!) I decided to scour the websites of my favourite fashion brands to determine if they were ethical or not. Strangely enough, it seemed as though they were – they all had thorough statements about not supporting child labour, paying their workers well and auditing to make sure all was well in factories. Auditing is something I didn’t have much of a clear understanding of – it sounded positive, but after delving a bit further in I found that it’s really more of a marketing ploy.

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H&M’s New Concious Collection: is it really that Concious?

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H&M have recently announced their 2019 conscious collection featuring items made of pineapple leaves and orange peel. It seems to have created quite a stir within the ethical fashion community, with many stating that no matter what materials H&M use, they are not a sustainable brand. I wanted to share my thoughts on the new collection.

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Is Wool Ethical?

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As a vegan, wool is one of the materials I have been avoiding, as it comes from an animal. But, if I’m being honest I had never really looked into the ethical issues with wool. I just thought it was something I was meant to avoid. However, since I got involved with the ethical fashion community, I see it promoted as a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials. So, I wanted to do a little research into whether it actually is an ethical material. Continue reading “Is Wool Ethical?”

The Rise of False Ethical Brands

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Browsing twitter the other day I came across this article which noted that ‘Google searches for the term “sustainable fashion brands” increased by 25 percent from 2017 to 2018, and by 61 percent since 2016’. Obviously this is positive, but it also makes me feel slightly worried. Why? Well, the article then goes on to note that there had been an increase in sales for sustainability driven brands for example Everlane and All Birds. But the truth is these companies aren’t all that great. Both of these brands are placed in one of the lower categories; ‘not good enough’ on ethical fashion brand rating app ‘Good on You.’ I have written a whole post about how ethical Everlane actually is. I am concerned that people with good intentions are encouraged to buy from companies that are simply very good at pretending to be ethical.

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