Fashion is a Feminist Issue

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Many women today would describe themselves as a feminist. A feminist is someone who believes in women’s rights and equality of the sexes. However, many feminists often unknowingly buy into an industry that is highly exploitative to women, that being the fashion industry. Over 80% of garment workers are women and they are often underpaid, overworked and do not work in safe spaces. They are often at risk of sexual abuse. What make’s this issue all the more irksome is that a lot of these fast fashion brands have sold t-shirts with ‘feminist’ and various related things written on them. This is hypocritical, and fashion is a feminist issue.

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How do we Convince more People to go Vegan?

How do we Convince more People to go Vegan_.png

I know that when I first went vegan I had this urge to try and convert everyone I knew because I thought it was so amazing. I still think it’s amazing, but I didn’t have a particularly high success rate in converting people. I wanted to write a post about things we can all do to encourage more people to be vegan, or to at least eat vegan more regularly.

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Positive Changes the UK has made in Saving the Environment

Positive Changes in Fighting Climate Change.png

Today on twitter I came across this article about the catastrophic impact that plastic is having on our world, and in particular on our oceans. To be honest, it was incredibly depressing. So, feeling in need of a little positivity I thought I would write about a few of the really positive things that have happened in recent years in regards to plastic reduction. Just to remind us that it’s not all doom and gloom.

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‘I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.’ Ariana Grande is Promoting a Toxic Message

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I’ve been a fan of Ariana Grande for over 7 years, way before she reached the mainstream fame she has today. Even though I’m a big fan, her generic music and image has made me lose interest in her in recent years. Despite this, I still keep up with her latest releases and was somewhat horrified when listening to her most recent song ‘7 Rings’. I’d like to think it was written ironically, but I don’t think that’s the case. If you haven’t heard it, to summarise, it is a consumerist anthem about how amazing it is to be rich. Click here to see the music video. I thought I’d write a little bit about my opinion on the song, from the viewpoint of someone who is socially and environmentally conscious.

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Is Jewellery Sold by Fast Fashion Brands Ethical?

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There is a lot of information out there about how bad fast fashion for both the environment and people, but this all tends to focus in on clothes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything about jewellery. Even though pretty much every fast fashion brand has a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. When doing some initial searching into this topic I was presented with pages and pages about the ethical issues surrounding diamonds. This is something I would like to research and write about in the future, but it’s not what I wanted to find out today. High street shops aren’t selling diamonds, but yet even when searching for information about cheap jewellery, this is all that would come up. So, like a lot of the fast fashion supply chain, information about how jewellery is made is pretty opaque.

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H&M: The Ultimate in Greenwashing?

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H&M is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Their cheap prices and mainstream designs make them accessible and pleasing to most consumers. Unlike many other similar brands they position themselves as a sustainable brand, which is demonstrated on their website where ‘Sustainability’ is one of the main tabs.

But is H&M actually a sustainable brand? And what about all of it’s other brands too, I often see their brand ‘Monki’ being called ethical. As well as new brand ‘Arket’.  Some say that H&M (and all it’s other brands) are the ultimate in greenwashing and far from sustainable, but I thought I’d take a look into it myself.

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5 Ways to get around that are more Eco-Friendly (and fun!) than Driving

5 ways to get around that are more eco-friendly (and fun!) than driving

We all know driving is bad for the environment. When cars are driven they produce a lot of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, as well as smaller (but still notable) amounts of methane and nitrous oxide.

But driving is really convenient, you can just nip round the shop in five minutes instead of having to take the extra time and effort of a dull walk. But I want to show you that there are actually lots of fun ways of getting around, ways that will actually make you want to stop using your car.

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